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About us

How did we get our name BIG GREEN CLEANING COMPANY?:

We are BIG:

BIG because we are by far the largest commercial janitorial business in Santa Barbara. We got BIG by doing a lot of things right including maintaining an organizational structure that allows us to give the most personal service to our customers. Biggest doesn’t always mean best, but in our case we got to be the biggest by being the best.

Why are we GREEN:

Green because we pay attention to the world and our industry. We have been quietly practicing Green techniques and practices for years and now having it as a part of our name brings reassurance to our customers that their safety and wellbeing are a primary focus for our company.

Message from the President

After 35 years of owning and locally operating a nationally recognized award winning franchised cleaning business I can honestly say that we are more enthusiastic than ever with the rebranding and promotion of Big Green Cleaning Company. Our business is 100% family owned and all decisions are made locally and based on what is best for our customers and our business.

Born and raised as a 4th generation Santa Barbaran and a UC Santa Barbara graduate my roots in the community run deep. My grandfather worked as a custodian at Santa Barbara High School and my father would help him clean the hallways before starting his classes there each morning. My sons are responsible for cleaning projects for the Santa Barbara School District – that is four generations cleaning the same facilities!

We love our job and sometimes it may seem that all of us at Big Green Cleaning Company get a little too enthusiastic about dirt and grime, but what we are truly getting excited about is serving others. No matter what your business may be there is no greater honor than to serve others – our business just happens to involve cleaning.

If you want to find out just how passionate we are about cleaning give me a call and let’s talk trash!

Allen Williams